Activities and Rest in Cuba

Recently in the Internet appeared quite many vacation offers in Cuba. This is not surprising, because this wonderful island has become extremely popular with tens of thousands of tourists every year and the demand is growing. Cuba attracts so many tourists with its combination of amazing nature, wonderful seaside, and extraordinary exotics. Some, especially the older generation, visit “Liberty Island”, wanting to revive in the memories of bygone years. After all, Cuba is still a real reserve of socialism. Communist ideology, propaganda, and forgotten atmosphere of socialism, the old “Moskvich” and “Lada” are wonderfully intertwined in Cuba with modern tourism industry, which offers travelers the best services.

In Cuba, there are comfortable modern hotels, well-equipped beaches, a great opportunity for rest and recuperation, because Cuba is considered to be one of the countries with the most advanced medicine.

Fans of entertainment will visit Cuba on numerous festivals and local holidays, fairs, as well as to have parties in modern nightclubs and restaurants.

Gourmets will be happy to taste the national dishes, which will amaze with their unusual spicy taste, causing a real fire in your mouth. Fans of cuisines of other nations in the world will necessarily find traditional Italian, Japanese, American dishes in Cuba.

As a Cuban souvenir people always bring rum and of course cigars. These goods are the real symbols of the country.

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