Blue Periwinkle - Creeping Groundcover Plant

Flowers of periwinkle form clumps and rapidly proliferate in breadth. The plants have leathery glossy leaves of light or dark green color, sometimes with cream or golden spots. Right in the sinus of leaves appear modest simple flowers with five petals of original form. Usually, the flowers are nice sky-blue, somewhat less often there are white or pink shades.

Periwinkle blooms in mid-spring. After flowering, the plant doesn’t lose its decorative effect, and during the year its dense glossy green leaves adorn the site. The plant easily takes roots from each leaf internodes. Therefore periwinkle grows without problems and efforts, and displaces other plants from the site of its habitat. In the old days it was called “magical violet” and was considered the epitome of loyalty, memory, and eternal love.

Periwinkle likes a little shade, and the soil shouldn’t be completely dry in hot season; therefore, periodic watering is very useful. Periwinkle is not afraid of frost, its leathery evergreen leaves may only slightly change the color and fade. But with the coming of spring, their coloring becomes saturated and the plant is ready to conquer new spaces. In regions with severe winters, periwinkle should be covered with leaves.

To maintain the attractiveness, the periwinkle should be cut after flowering; bush thus will be more compact and bushy. Cropped cuttings can be planted in the ground.

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