Cape Verde - a New Haven for Tourists

On the west side of Africa in more than six hundred miles from the mainland there is a picturesque archipelago consisting of a group of islands. Tourism industry develops rapidly there in the last decade, and thousands of travelers who are tired of relaxing on the Maldives or Hawaii, rush in search of new experiences, excellent sport fishing and windsurfing. Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony, gained independence in 1974.

If you want to rest from the civilization, enjoy the beautiful diving and see previously unknown exotic places, you definitely need to see Cape Verde. Tourists enjoy dry tropical climate, mountainous terrain with little vegetation, as well as excellent clean and comparatively deserted endless beaches. There are not so much of attractions; however, the islands are filled with real home atmosphere, cultural characteristics of the people inhabiting the archipelago and their musical tastes. Almost pristine natural beauty, peaceful vacation away from the hustle and bustle, very reasonable prices for food/accommodation and ocean positive mood - it is worth visiting at least once, in order to diversify the annual vacation and get a lot of new experiences.

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