Categories in Which the Trucks Boggle the Imagination

The longest: large and sparsely populated Australia has long been called the country of road-trains. The fact is that the most of the territory is occupied by uninhabited deserts and semi-deserts that separate the different parts of the country and greatly complicate the transportation of goods. Thus truckers have to spend lots of time to transport everything back and forth. One of the solutions to the transport problem, in spite of the developed railway network, is gigantic freight trains - trucks (mainly Mack and Kenworth) with several trailers and a couple of thousand liters of fuel in the tanks.

The smartest: Mercedes-Benz is preparing to make a real revolution in the world of trucks and long distance truckers. Last year the company introduced the concept of Future Truck 2025 with autopilot system that already works well on a turnpike. The complex of special sensors, scanners and radar allows the truck to move independently. For mass production such a machine, as the name suggests, will be ready by 2025. In the meantime, experts of Daimler brought two unmanned Freightliner Inspiration Truck for tests on public roads.

Most sports: the famous American stuntman Mike Ryan has been making people stare for more than 10 years with his performances at Pikes Peak. Ryan participates in the “Race to the Clouds” on the five-ton tractor Freightliner Cascadia. And sometimes he uses it for this Gymkhana. 14-liter six-cylinder diesel engine through a mechanical supercharger along with the turbine (and the injection system of water and methanol) provides 2500 power.

The purest: in summer of 2015, BMW has expanded its line with all-electric truck. However, it is impossible to buy such a truck - the company has released a single copy of the model for own needs. 40-ton electric machine is able to overcome 100 kilometers without additional charge (which, according to the developers, takes only four hours). The truck operates in Munich, transporting components between the factories of BMW and its partner SCHERM Group.

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