Clubbing Tour – The Best Places of Nightlife in the World

During the long winter, Egypt becomes a haven not only for families with children, but also for young people who want to swim in the Red Sea and spend great time in “hot” atmosphere. There are many clubs throughout Egypt, but the epicenter of the nightlife is Sharm el-Sheikh. The best clubs are Pacha and La Dolce Vita.

Outrageous Thailand resorts are famous throughout the world. Pattaya is known as “Sin City”, which is not surprising - the main Walking Street does not hesitate to offer candid entertainment. More modest night rest can be found in the exotic location of Koh Phangan - once a month, there is a Full Moon Party. For three days the sky over Koh Phangan is illuminated with fire shows and drinks flow like river.

Turkey is another favorite place for tourists. Resort Bodrum is one of the most rave places in the country where there is a record density of clubs and bars per square meter. For 20 years the famous nightclub is Halikarnas, the biggest disco in Europe.

Croatian Ibiza on the beach Zrće on Pag offers parties during the summer months. DJ Tiesto and Armin van Buuren come there to play their tracks, and clubs work almost around the clock.

Rimini-Riccione is one of the party places in Italy. This is a long stretch of beaches with many bars and clubs. The day off is only one day - on Monday, but it is a good opportunity for a short break.

Malta town of St Julian's, which offers visitors not only all cuisines of the world, but also the vibrant night-life, is a paradise for gourmets. In the area Pachevill there is a huge number of bars and clubs. One of the clubs on the island, namely - AXIS, is included in the top 10 in the world. It can accommodate more than 8 000 people, four rooms, mirrored balls and dynamic lighting effects - all it flickers with the sound of powerful acoustics.

Don’t forget about: Mykonos in Greece, golden beaches of the Costa Brava, and wet T-shirts in Ayia Napa.

But the best party place is undoubtedly the Spanish Ibiza. The season of parties on the island is opened from June to September.

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