Discover the Beautiful and Glorious Cultural Capital of Russia

St. Petersburg is a unique northern “capital” of Russia with a lot of attractions and cultural sites. It is Russian prototype of cult Venice, the favorite place of Peter, a bright pearl in the list of UNESCO, the religious mecca where coexists Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, metropolis of bridges connecting large areas, where nearly five million people live – it is one of a kind in the world.

The city has its own atmosphere of largest historical center with the Hermitage, the Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedral, a unique Vasilievsky Island, the ancient fortress, art museum and other cultural and architectural masterpieces. If you open your heart to it, the city will accept you regardless of the weather, time of day or season; it will inspire hope, love and warmth.

Special attention should be paid to urban transport. This is primarily subway, first started its work in 1955. Now St. Petersburg Metro is the five large branches with more than six dozen stations and up to 2.5 million passengers daily. Ground transportation is represented by minibuses, municipal tram, trolleybus and bus services. Such routes are strictly correlated with drawbridges - a total of 13. However, the most interesting type is water transport: on channels of Neva and its tributaries you can reach the center of the metropolis from its very outskirts.

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