Ideas for the Villa Garden House

All of them are unique, even constructing a gazebo on the finished sketch, every person brings own flavor in it. It is so nice to relax a little after working and sit in a cozy beautiful place.

However, you must remember that any garden gazebo should be in harmony with the house style and site design. There are no restrictions on the choice of the form of summer facilities: round, square, rectangular, or form of a regular polygon.

Closed arbor looks much richer and obviously wins in comparison with light wooden structures. It can be equipped with electricity, water, barbecue, wooden furniture, and used all year round.

Open gazebos are much cheaper, easier, and can be build with own hands. They give shade, do not hide the beauty of the surrounding landscape; and they are nice place to sit in the evening with a cup of herbal tea while enjoying the beautiful garden and flower beds.

For easy wooden construction it is enough to fill a strip foundation or cheaper screw pile. Be sure to lie waterproofing on top. The basis under the gazebo is raised to 15-20 cm above the ground to avoid flooding the building during heavy rainfall or spring snowmelt. The basis of the framework of wooden gazebo is built from a wide beam. The place of the cut is treated with copper sulfate. The roof of gazebos is often covered with a metal tile, slate roofs or shingle.

As a rule, next to gazebo there is a barbecue area. Therefore it is very important in the construction of a wooden gazebo to carefully handle all the wooden structures with anti-burning and antistatic agents. This will help to protect the wood not only from the fire but also from damage by beetles, rot and moss.

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