Pink and Violet Beaches on Our Planet

“Elafonisi” beach is located on the southwest coast of the island of Crete and is considered one of the best beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is located 200 meters from the coast and separated from it by a shallow lagoon that attracts a lot of tourists. There is a small island, although it is part of a protected nature reserve, it is still possible to get there through the shallow water.

Sand of “Elafonisi” in some places is white, while others have a distinct pink hue. This color is due to small particles of pink coral and shells, which turned into sand over the years.

“Pfeiffer Beach” in California is a part of the National Reserve of Los Padres. At first sight it attracts with its fine violet color of sand. The color becomes the brightest in the winter, after the rainy season, which moistens the sand and washes its small particles from the slopes of the hills. The reason for this color is that these hills are rich in spessartine - silicate from the group of the garnets, which contains manganese. Getting to the beach, this mineral is mixed with sand and draws patterns on the coast of purple, pink, lavender, violet and burgundy shades. “Pfeiffer Beach” is hidden in the hills and cliffs, but finding it, you'll be surprised at the highest level of service in local public places and will get the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset through the rock.

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