Viola Occupies a Leading Position in Floriculture Among Cultivated Plants

Flowers of viola tricolor are presented in an incredible variety of colors ranging from pure white to almost black, with shaded spots of red, blue or yellow colors. In the center is the “pupil” – the spot of original color and shape. Viola is credited with mystical property to bewitch love. The Poles and the French when separating from loved ones give them pansies, and in England shy boys give posies of Viola as a sign of love to girls whom they like.

Viola is a perennial low (15-30 cm) plant, which is grown as a biennial. The external appearance of the flowers resembles violets. At the beginning of the growing season the bush of pansies has a compact form and during flowering, especially towards the end, it sprawls. These flowers are especially appreciated for a long flowering time. Currently, there are varieties that bloom all summer.

Viola is grown in full sun, where it will bloom longer, and the flowers will be bigger and brighter. It prefers moist and fertile loam. Pansies should be regularly watered, especially in dry seasons. To prolong flowering and avoid early wilting of plants - the faded flowers and seed pods are removed. Ripening of seed takes a lot of energy, and the plant dies off early.

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